In the end we all cry

Don’t fight away the tears because they will keep pouring down since there are no tissues within and all we can ever do is halt the flood from drowning us 

Notice the lack of punctuation in this post that is because I believe the English language is whatever we make it and no body can control us so put your dictionary away and start reading your heart.

I guess it was OK.

"I guess it was OK". This seems to be my immediate response to most things. Just to put it simply I think that everyone is living in a state of mediocrity. You know I don’t really care about what other people are doing because it doesn’t effect me. But I just don’t see anything that excites me anymore.

I guess this is what happens to one who breaks out of the shackles of the mundane “normal” lifestyle, and instead is waiting to discover what the true beauty in life is. Just because I don’t want to follow trends doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy anything.

I guess I am a victim of my self, because I see things differently. People dance to music, I dance to wind. One day I hope it blows me away into a cloud of bliss.

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Can’t leave the house with out my fedora.

We are the crow only we can’t see the bars that trap us.


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